Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Exciting TV Debut!

Well, it's official...
My kids are FAMOUS! (heehee)

My heart was instantly filled with pride, when Ryder was asked to be part of the Kinsmen Home Lotto Commercial for the Alberta Children's Hospital!  Cool, right?

My excitement probably FAR exceeded his, and he could have cared less about the brand new shoes, jeans, shirt and haircut that we "let" him get for the occasion, but it was a highly anticipated day for him.

He was a stud.

We arrived for the taping, and were already excited...
And then it happened -

"Look how CUTE your little girl is!
How would SHE like to be part of the commercial too!?!?!"

Aaaaaahh!  Instant excitement/mortified gasp!

My pretty little baby girl (20 months old and quite darling if I do say so myself), was a hot MESS!

Lunch on her face, beautiful barrette pulled out & tossed aside on the way there, dumb jeans that kept falling down, a silly hand me down shirt, car seat hair from a 2 hour drive/nap and a scowl on her face. 

"Seriously?!?!  Are you sure???  We would LOVE that!!!"

I was so excited, but couldn't help but daydream of how I would have dressed up my real life mini princess, had I known...  Or at least cleaned her face.

She never quite managed to crack a smile, and the blank stare that they managed to catch is quite hilarious, knowing her personality. 

(Note mini baby girl holding heart sign in video).

It was very sweet of them to include her.

Now it was Ryder's turn (handsome blonde in the red polo shirt).

Our little class clown managed to nail his directions after about 20 takes.

The giggles from the observers probably did the camera man no favors, as he realized how funny it was that he wasn't lowering his sign when he was supposed to.

It was a fun day, and Ryder happily shared the spotlight with his baby sister, Beau.

I am so proud of you both!  You are my little superstars... Although it's safe to say we won't be hitting Hollywood any time soon ;)

Love Mom

"Just Because You're Small, Doesn't Mean You Can't Do BIG Things!" 

This is the 2012 Kinsmen Home Lotto Commercial
benefitting our favorite place in the whole wide world,
the Alberta Children's Hospital.

Buy your tickets & check out amazing prizes @
or call 1-888-531-2273


  1. Awww, that's fantastic! Sounds like a very exciting day! You better get an agent!

    1. You're HIRED!

      Thanks Suzanne! It was a really cool experience:)