Monday, May 28, 2012

Join My Spring Cleaning Extravaganza!

Oh, it really is the little things these days, isn't it?  It's better late than never, as I start and share with you my spring cleaning list as it happens.  Hopefully, I can complete one task a day and be on the road to a better organized and functional home.  Hopefully.

I am drawing my inspiration for this post / cleaning bender from a fun blog,  She recently did a list full of things you may not normally think to include when spring cleaning, which sprung me into action.  That, and I'm 30 now and vowing to use my time more effectively and efficiently.  

We moved into this heavenly, storage filled house 2 years ago from our 900 hundred square foot first home, with one closet.  One.

So here are my excuses for the utterly unorganized chaos I have been living in.
  • We moved in on December 23 (highly UN-recommendable). Boxes were routed into basement, where they would await eager unpacking and new homes.
  • Days after Christmas, I learned I was expecting baby #2.  (Cue utter uselessness for 9 months)
  • Sweet baby girl born in the fall, which still puts everything ahead of unpacking/closet organization.
  • And then - what's the rush, right?!?!

And so tomorrow (Monday), it will begin with a task that I wouldn't normally associate with spring cleaning.  It has been on my list of things to do, but requires more time and know-how than I originally thought!  

Here's my "dirty little secret": My iPhone has 1700 pics/videos on it and needs to be transferred to the MacBook.  My MacBook's hard drive is FULL.  My camera is nearing a full smart card as well, and when that starts beeping at me, I will officially be over capacity!! Oy. 

Apparently, there is this 'thing'', in a box in my office called an "external hard drive".  Today I will attempt to learn how to use it and end my struggles with storage:)  

So here goes nothin' - Like this, I will tell you ahead of time each task at hand, and update you when I'm finished and moving onto the next one.  Wish me luck, and hopefully I can kick start a little extra organization in your lives --- and MINE!

TASK #1:
  • Organize computer, phone, and camera storage.  
  • Transfer important files and extra pictures/video onto external hard drive.
  • Delete old files and bad pics (closed eyes, etc..)
  • Empty / update iPhones/iPad.
  • Wipe & clean all devices and organize camera bag.

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