Monday, May 28, 2012

Spring Cleaning Extravaganza: Task #2

Day 2!  I'm feeling quite exhilarated already!  Is that weird - One job done, and planning a second?!

Here it goes... Again, not really a typical spring cleaning job, but once this is done it will add to my overall accomplished, organizational GLORY!

Welcome to 'Grey Gardens'.  Isn't that lovely?  My SUV was graciously nicknamed by my husband, after a hoarded mansion that belonged to the Aunt and cousin of Jacqui O..  I will NOT share a picture of my vehicle, but I will indulge you in an image of its' namesake.

Grey Gardens Dining Room circa 1971 via 

I admittedly have trouble keeping my vehicle clean and organized.  We live out on an acreage, so spend lots of time driving back and forth to town.  Trips are often jam packed, fast and furious, and push the limits of my kids.  By the time we get home, someone is usually crying or asleep, and I'm happy to get the milk in the fridge before it's warm.  Spilled snacks, thrown toys, flyers and errand leftovers usually get forgotten.  Oopsadilly.

Tuesday TASK #2: Vehicle
  • Clean out vehicle - glove compartments and all
  • Clean windows, wipe interior, vacuum and shampoo floors
  • Clean car seats and ensure they are properly installed on seats
  • Quick trip to the car wash for an exterior clean
  • Double check that your insurance/registration papers are up to date
  • Make a list of necessary vehicle maintenance - Book and/or plan appointments
  • Convince husband to be one of those guys that cleans his wife's vehicle on the weekend!

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