Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spring Cleaning Extravaganza: Task #3

Another silly job, that you probably wouldn't associate with a Spring Clean is up next.  Again though -  quite necessary at my house.

All of us, at one point (I think), have a little pile of things to "return".  None of it is really a big deal, until your pile multiplies and ends up in almost every room of your house.

I personally have my entire family (on my husband's side too), living in the same town.  That adds up to a lot of cookie sheets, baby clothes, toys left behind and the promised returns of borrowed items.
I also have a couple of store bought purchases that I've been meaning to return.  Seems like a perfect time to do it all!

So tomorrow, I will fill up my perfectly clean, spit-polished and organized vehicle, drive from house to house and drop off these items that I have let accumulate and clutter my closets and garage.  Hasta la vista!

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Wednesday TASK #3
  • Return items that have gathered in my home to the appropriate places. 
  • Return any items that need to go back to a store.
  • Don't return home until vehicle is EMPTY!

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